My research topics include topological quantum field theories, modular tensor categories and symmetric fusion categories in positive characteristic. 

Publications and preprints:

[arXiv] Diagramatics for cyclic pointed fusion categories. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 228, no. 12, 107752 (2024).

[arXiv] On Frobenius-Schur exponent bounds. Joint with Julia Plavnik and Andrew Schopieray. Submitted (2024).

[arXiv] On modular categories with Frobenius-Perron dimension congruent to 2 modulo 4. Joint with Akshaya Chakravarthy and Julia Plavnik. Proceedings of the AMS, to appear (2024).

[arXiv] Unoriented 2-dimensional TQFTs and the category Rep(St≀ℤ_2). Quantum topology, to appear (2024).

[arXiv] Classification of low-rank odd-dimensional modular categories. Joint with  William Gvozdjak and Julia Plavnik.  Journal of Algebra, 655, 223--293 (2024).

[arXiv] Remarks on symmetric fusion categories of low rank in positive characteristic. International Mathematics Research Notices,  rnad162 (2023).

[arXiv] On odd-dimensional modular tensor categories.  Joint with Julia Plavnik. Algebra & Number Theory 16, no 8 (2022).